Amazing distance session with Jodie recently.. QT is unlimited in its’ healing scope. Both pain and cause are resolved .. bone was re-set and moved in one session … Jodie’s ability to let things flow where needed is exemplary.. Thanks Jodie xoxo
— Jen K
I sought Jodie out on the advice of a friend who highly recommended her services. My beloved dog Kiki had become suddenly and gravely ill. After her stay in a veterinary hospital she had conquered her infection, but was still extremely lethargic and uncomfortable when we brought her home. Jodie came to our house for a session and the results were dramatic - during the session she seemed to be in a meditative state, and afterwards her eyes were brighter, her tail was wagging, and her energy level was immediately higher and happier. It was incredible to witness, thank you Jodie! I recommend you to everyone.
— Sara O
I battle with high anxiety, depression, and chronic back pain. Over several sessions, Jodie patiently guided the energy throughout my body which cleared the negative energies and some of the physical and emotional symptoms due to my ailments. I feel more relaxed, balanced, and energized often with less stiffness and pain. She has a unique gift and QT is an amazing tool. Mahalo, Jodie!
— Louise H
I’ve been calling on Jodie for the past several months to help relieve various pains in my bones, muscles and certain parts of my body. If my bones are out and in pain, I see Jodie whose work provides far better results than chiropractors which I’ve seen for the past many years. Over time, my body regularly twists where my arms don’t hang evenly and her sessions help straighten and realign my back and neck. Tension and stress is alleviated and I always feel better after a session. I’ve even asked her to send energy through various organs including my brain, and have experienced a calmer mind. I do recommend Jodie’s work through Quantum Touch.
— Michelle Young
We are grateful for the healing that Jodie has brought to our family, including or animals of course. Most notably is our 12 y/o old Jack Russell Terrier, Sassy. There have been several instances where traditional medicine and doctors were not able to diagnose or treat her symptoms of acute distress. Jodie ran energy and Sassy was back to herself almost right away. In one case it was quite remarkable, as Sassy could barely walk or lift her head until Jodie worked with her. Thank you Jodie for being there for us.
— Caroline Faringer
For years, my left hip had been much tighter than my right. I don’t ever recall injuring it but it would get so tight at times that I would roll around on a golf ball in an attempt to release it. I met Jodie and was intrigued by the type of healing she performed. I decided to give it a try and after just ONE SESSION the tightness has left me! My hips feel exactly the same on both sides for the first time in years. It has been months since she performed her magic on me and I continue to have even, pain-free hips. I am so grateful that I found Jodie!
— Mary McHugh, LMT

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