Quantum Touch®

60 MINUTES $85

This modality goes beyond symptoms to reach and address the cause of the issue,  shifting core beliefs and programs, creating the environment for true healing to occur. Our spirit and mind-body, right down to the cellular level, responds naturally to the resonance of Quantum Touch (QT) .

These sessions have most often proven to be a catalyst for change and transformation. QT has been known to calm all aspects of being, creating greater harmony, strengthening the body, quietening the mind and clients (people and our animal companions) often experience deep relaxation.


Chakra Clearing and Activation

60 MINUTES $85

Chakras are vortexes of energy that correspond to, and interact with all of our bodies systems including; psychological, physiological and energetic.

Working with the chakras is a natural way of assisting healing and change in the body and our lives. Engaging with the chakras can also be helpful in shifting limiting beliefs and deeply hidden foundational issues .

These sessions often produce a deep sense of peace, bliss and relaxation. Clients have expressed experiencing positive, meaningful change in their lives, from the subtle to the monumental!  You may notice small (or large) shifts and changes in your health, habits and general outlook on life, as old energy no longer needed gently falls away. 


Animal Healing

60 MINUTES $85

All beings; humans, our animal companions and plant life have the ability to respond to and benefit from QT.

Sessions can be beneficial for injury, illness, disease, behaviour and training. QT balances and supports all systems of the being and reduces stress. Supportive of traditional veterinary care QT can accelerate physical and psychological healing post surgery and past traumatic experiences such as neglect, abuse, abandonment and environmental events. 


Appointment information:

Distance Sessions available worldwide via Skype. Studio sessions available in Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii