The Power Of Distance Healing

In my practice I offer both in person & remote distance healing sessions & have noticed that distance healing is becoming more & more popular. I’ve had an increase in bookings from different countries around the world. In fact a number of my local clients who have tried distance sessions have continued with them.. They have said that since they find the sessions the same as, or even more powerful than the in person sessions they prefer to relax in their own home.

Clients have reported some amazing results. One example of this was from a friend of mine. We were chatting on the phone one day & she said she had a large lump on the top of her foot & could I do a session on it. She said it felt like it was the bone or was attached to one of the bones she wasn’t quite sure which. We arranged a time & I ran energy for about an hour. I texted her when I was done & she said thanks & that she could feel stuff happening. Three days later she emailed me saying that the lump had completely disappeared without a trace & hasn’t come back many months later.

As a practitioner I really enjoy the distance sessions as I feel more of a freedom in the energy, as though it has more space to just work with the body as its needed without interference. I’ve found its much more powerful when working this way to just hold the intention for whatever the client needs to resolve the issues. I hold in my mind the conversation from the consultation & just run the energy allowing for anything & everything - whatever is needed with no limits. I seem to receive deeper insights & can grasp more information during these sessions as well. It’s great to be able to reach more people & their animal companions working in this way.