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What is Quantum Touch®?

Quantum Touch® (QT) is a natural energy modality that uses Life Force energy to promote the body’s own powerful restorative ability. Life Force energy commonly known as Mana, Chi or Prana is the energy flow that supports all life. When this energy is amplified and intentionally directed, a wide range of benefits often with surprising and extraordinary results may be experienced. The body has a remarkable intelligence and ability to heal itself and QT can help boost this innate power. This modality goes beyond symptoms to the core of the issue, addressing the underlying causes, creating the environment for true healing to occur.



Each session is unique, based on individual needs. Clients have reported experiencing a deep sense of peace and relaxation whilst receiving QT. Different sensations of energy releasing and flowing, such as heat, tingling or vibrations may be felt throughout the body and insights may emerge.  All you need to do is breathe, allow and enjoy!

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Distance sessions available worldwide via skype and studio sessions are available in Kailua, Oahu, HI.





Quantum Touch®

This modality goes beyond symptoms to reach and address the cause of the issue,  shifting core beliefs and programs, creating the environment for true healing to occur. Our spirit and mind-body, right down to the cellular level, responds naturally to the resonance of Quantum Touch (QT) .

Chakra clearing and activation

Chakras are vortexes of energy that correspond to, and interact with all of our bodies systems including; psychological, physiological and energetic. Working with the chakras is a natural way of assisting healing and change in the body and our lives. 

Animal Healing

Our animal companions have the ability to respond to and benefit from QT. Sessions can be beneficial for injury, illness, disease, behaviour and training. QT balances and supports all systems of the being and reduces stress. . 


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